Sunday, March 19, 2006

A visit to the market

It was our day off, and neither of us really had the energy to go travelling, so we decided to visit the tourist market area in town, Nanchang temple markets.

Nanchang temple market

I didn't have much purpose, there was nothing I was aiming to buy. I resisted the urge to have a ride in one of these blow-up animals ...

blow up animal rides

As always I was drawn to the part of the market where they have all sorts of cute little animals, like these chinchillas, or Russian hamsters.

russian hamsters

Maybe a plant instead. My last one, a touchy-feely shy plant (one that closes up when you touch it) seemed to have come to an end over winter.

buying plants

I like plants with personality - like my old shy plant. But something about this one particularly appealed to Peter. So it came home with us. On the bus.


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